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Ensure Compliance & Minimize Risk

Xiris Valuations’ unique market approach allows you to keep up and comply with today’s appraisal regulations, while accelerating loan production and underwriting. With Xiris Valuations, you have built-in peace of mind knowing your appraisers are operating with full independence. Plus, our suite of products enables you to customize the appraisal plan that’s right for your lending team.

Speed Up Your Appraisal Process

Let us eliminate the burden of managing property appraisals. In addition to traditional Appraisal Management Company (AMC) services, our experienced team can deliver Quality Control (QC) Reviews, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) reviews, and dispute management services. In addition, take advantage of excellent documentation with our custom Appraisal Concern Investigation Report (ACIR) and Collateral Underwriter Response Evaluation (CURE) products.

Continue Using Your Own Appraisers

With Xiris Valuations’ “Panel Management” option, you select which appraisers are on your panel. We can onboard all, or part of, your existing appraiser panel and supplement with other Xiris affiliate or staff appraisers, as requested. Xiris will manage the day-to-day appraisal operations for your team through our Appraisal FirewallX technology platform, which helps maintain appraiser independence through blind work distribution. We’ll handle assigning orders, monitoring communications, paying appraisers, and submitting appraisals to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) and Electronic Appraisal Delivery (EAD). QC Reviews, USPAP Reviews and dispute management services are also available.

Customize Your Appraisal Experience

Xiris Valuations recognizes that not all solutions work for every client. That’s why we offer three different levels of service with the ability to customize each so that you obtain the appraisal experience that works best for you and your team. Full AMC Services – Let Xiris handle the entire appraisal process including building and managing an appraiser panel. Receive traditional AMC services but with a cost-plus model. Appraisers receive 100% of the appraisal fee with Xiris services fee(s) reported separately. Panel Management – Build and manage your appraiser panel, and let Xiris manage the day-to-day operations. Technology-Only – Easily manage your own panel of appraisers and day-to-day operations utilizing our affiliate SharperLending’s Appraisal FirewallX technology platform.

Robust Technology Platform Ensures Unbiased Valuations

With Xiris Valuations’ Technology Only option, you stay in control of the management process while gaining access to our industry-leading property appraisal technology. Our technology platform helps to ensure an unbiased rotation of orders and demonstrates separation between parties.

Speed Up Valuations for Equity Loans

Let Xiris Valuations help you design a customized solution with highly reliable and cost-efficient appraisal products. Our cascade of alternative valuation solutions is perfect for your equity lending requirements.

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